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02.11.2023 - Article

The following information applies to persons who wish to stay in Germany for the purpose of applying to study (i.e., for example, to take an entrance test for a “Studienkolleg”), preparing for study (i.e., taking a language course that prepares students for study or attending a “Studienkolleg”), or studying at a university (bachelor's, master's, or PhD studies).

From June 3, 2024, you have to submit visa applications for the purpose of applying to study/preparing for study/studying at a university to the external service provider TLScontact. Registrations on the Embassy’s appointment waiting list are no longer possible. Information about the services TLScontact offers and how to make appointments can be found in German and English on the TLScontact website.

All application documents must be submitted in original with 2 copies so that there are two sets of identical application documents.

Please sort the documents in the order listed below.

The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents in individual cases.

Incomplete application forms as well as applications with incomplete documents will delay processing and may lead to rejection of the application.

For your application we require the following documents:

  1. Passport and two copies of the data page. If you are a foreigner residing in Kenya, Burundi or Eritrea you have to show a valid residence permit for the country of residence
  2. 2 completed and duly signed application forms. A digital application form to be completed online can be found on https://videx-national.diplo.de
  3. 2 current, identical biometric passport photos with a white background.
  4. Specific documents for direct admission, preparation for studies or application for studies.
    • Direct admission: unconditional letter of admission from a German university. The letter of admission must indicate the language in which the studies will be conducted.
    • Study preparation: Conditional notification of admission from a German university AND/OR unconditional notification of admission from a German Studienkolleg AND/OR registration for a study-preparatory language course.
    • Application for studies: Reservation of a place at a university OR confirmation of application (“Bewerberbestätigung”) OR final notification (“endgültige Mitteilung”) from uni-assist OR invitation to take part in the admission test to the preparatory course at the Studienkolleg.
  5. Proof of financing of the stay by one of these options:
    • Blocked account for the first year of your stay: Certificate of a bank in Germany about a deposit of 11.208,-- Euro for one year - equivalent to 934,-- Euro per month OR
    • Formal obligation letter (“Verpflichtungserklärung”) by sponsor living in Germany with the creditworthiness (“Bonität”) “proven” (“nachgewiesen”) according to § 68 AufenthG for the entire stay (not older than six months at the time of application) OR
    • Scholarship confirmation, stating the duration and the amount of the monthly payment (minimum amount: 11.208,-- Euro for one year - corresponds to 934,-- Euro per month). If the scholarship is less than 934,-- Euro per month, then the missing amount must be made up by a blocked account.

      If the university in Germany charges tuition fees, then proof of payment of tuition fees for the first year of study must be provided or the blocked account must be increased by the amount of tuition fees.

      Providers of blocked accounts can be found through an internet search.

  6. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, training or school diplomas, the transcript of records, as well as confirmations from the university, if studies were started but not completed. It is not necessary to submit the elementary school diploma. The above documents must be submitted in original

  7. Depending on the language of study, proof of German or English language skills (usually at B2 level) by presenting a recognized language certificate (in Kenya: Goethe-Institut, ÖSD, IELTS or TOEFL) - unless the German university has already tested the language skills during the admission procedure (this must be explicitly stated in the admission letter). If you have already studied in Kenya (in English), then the submission of a language certificate for English at the university and thus also at the Embassy is usually not required (this must also be explicitly stated in the admission letter)

  8. Curriculum vitae in German or English, gapless.

  9. A conclusive letter of motivation in German or English, written by yourself, detailing the reason for the chosen studies subject, chosen university and what consequences you envision the studies will have on your future.

  10. Proof of incoming health insurance coverage, valid until the entry into the statutory health insurance.

  11. Visa fee in the amount 75 Euros, payable In Kenyan Shillings.

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