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Try to book your appointment as early as possible, as soon as you get to know about your trip to Germany,  even if you don’t have all necessary documents yet.

Read carefully before scheduling your visa appointment:

Please note that you have to reside in Kenya, Eritrea, Burundi, Somalia or Sechelles for more than six months in order to be eligible to apply with the Embassy in Nairobi.

Important notice
Since 1 August 2018, close family members (spouses,  unmarried minor children and parents of minor children) of a person eligible for subsidiary protection in Germany are able to apply for a visa for the purpose of family reunion. Eligible family members are kindly requested to register for an appointment to submit their visa application.

Ogeysiis Muhiim Ah
Tan iyo 1dii Agosto 2018, xubnaha qoyska ee dhow (lamaanayaasha, carruurta aan qaangaarka aheyn iyo waaliddiinta carruurta yar yar) ee qof kasto oo u qalma badbaadinta hoosaad ee Jarmalka
(subsidiär) ayaa awood u leh inay dalbadaan fiiso taas oo ah  ujeedadeeda dib u mideynta qoyska.  Xubnaha qoyska ee xaqa u leh ayaa si naxariis leh looga codsanayaa inay iska diiwaan geliyaan ballan kidibnah ee soo gudbiyaan codsigooda fiisada.

  • All persons wishing to apply for a visa to visit Germany must book an appointment in advance through the electronic booking system. The only exceptions are for Frequent Travellers and Note Verbale holders.
  • One applicant = one appointment (no matter of age/including children). The online booking system will only issue one appointment, for one applicant.
  • Groups (10 persons or more) who travel together have to contact the Embassy's visa section to ask for a group appointment. Group appointments cannot be obtained on short notice. Each member of the group will have to provide his/her own complete visa application.
  • Appointments are usually available within the next 5 to 8 weeks. However, please check the system regularly as free slots might become available due to canceled appointments.
  • Make sure to select the right visa category (short-term or long-term).
  • Bookings will be confirmed by e-mail within 24 hours.
  • Applicants who misuse the booking system will be blocked. Any further bookings will be denied. This measure is in the interest of the majority of honest applicants.
  • It is urgently advised not to book appointments through agencies or any other third party. You will be held responsible for any misuse in your name.
  • Only applicants whose names and passport numbers have been used for the online application will be granted access to the Embassy.
  • Try to book your appointment as early as possible, as soon as you get to know about your trip to Germany,  even if you don’t have all necessary documents yet.
  • Short term visa applicants only: please note that the earliest you can schedule your appointment for a short term visa (Schengen cat. C) is 90 days before the intended beginning of your journey.
  • All application forms, visa information documents and appointments are free of charge. If you have been charged for any of these, please report immediately to the Embassy.
  • Visa fees have to be paid in Kenya Shilling in cash.

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