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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?, © colourbox


Did you know that German is spoken nowadays by around 132 million people  worldwide? German is an official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Northern Italy, Belgium and Liechtenstein, which makes it the most widespread native language in the European Union.
Being able to speak a decent level of German can ease the way to job opportunities with German companies, in Germany itself or abroad. As soon as you are able to understand the inspiring works of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, you will perceive how poetic German really is and you know: learning German is worth it.
In Kenya, there are several ways to study German: Lessons, language tandems or online courses. The Deutsche Welle even offers Learning German online with a Hip Hop band and a Telenovela free of charge or slowly-spoken News.


Goethe-Institut Nairobi
German Cultural Centre Kenya
No. 3, Monrovia-Street, Maendeleo House
phone: +254 20 2224640

German Institute, Mombasa
Ketty Tours Plaza
Moi Avenue
Phone:  +254-41-2316251

German Language Promotion Group, Mombasa
Women Network Building
Mnazi Moja Road, off Moi Avenue
Phone: +254-41-2316162

German Alumni “Stammtisch” Nairobi
every last Friday of the month
at San Valencia Restaurant
Anniversary Towers on Monrovia Street
Mutisya, Leo
Tel. (+254) 728677241


Deutsche Welle: http://www.dw.com/en/learn-german/s-2469
DW Twitter: @dw_learngerman
DW Facebook: DW - Deutsch lernen


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